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We are a highly experienced team of usability experts. We are always focused on solving complex business challenges. Our goal is to make easier and more pleasant interactions for clients of your interactive digital product (e.g., web site, mobile application, computer program), whilst improving promotion of your product through word-of-mouth.

We will help you choose an optimal set of services for your project

Our clients


Alexander Pisarev, Board Chairman:

One thing we were positive about – something had to be done about our site. Only we had no idea what exactly that would be. We needed to figure out the real site mission, the way to move on, the things to improve. The expertise helped us find the weakest spots, reveal the first and foremost, set our priorities.

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Why did you pick U-expert in the first place?

We actually first met Artem back in 2004, when we had our site created, and even back then he gave us some verbal advice on it. Too bad we thought it too innovative at the time. Much to our regret, we didn’t draw upon Artem’s services back then, but now we’ve finally caught up with it.

What’s your opinion on the work done? Were the deadlines met? Did you enjoy working with U-Expert?

It happened a few months ago, so I don’t recall the details. You basically remember things when there are some faults and flaws. But there were none.

What did you finally get? Was it any good for your business? What conclusion did you draw about it?

Of course, the expertise proved to be extremely good for us. We realized our needs and the type of a site we needed. We got an exhaustive report on our further step-by-step actions. We finally could start a full-scale work on our new site.

What did you particularly like about the U-Expert work style?

We liked the attitude – no formal approach, extensive advice shows a thorough study of the problem. And since the given advice proves our own thoughts right, we rest assured it’s gonna work. However, it takes an expert to handle the curves. Here the U-Expert professionals provided us with multiple detailed consultations on the subject, and showed exceptional competence and customer-centric approach.

Would you say your investments are covered?

Absolutely. The expertise shows the way to go straight away. And when you know exactly what to do and where to go, you can do your job faster rather than being led by intuition only.

Would you recommend U-Expert to other companies?

Tell you the truth, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone because I’d like to keep them for us only. We love the results and we’d like to keep it this way for many years. I would eagerly hire U-Expert on a full-time basis.


Invitro Information Technologies, Timur Titov, Head of Development Department:

What was your situation or problem?

The thing was, we had another company develop and design our product for us. The result seemed unsatisfactory both for us and for our customers, so we had to engage a more qualified company.

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Why did you decide to invest in a usability study with U-Expert?

We had an awful lot of issues to be solved about the interface, but the solutions offered by developers or users didn’t look reasonable enough. So we figured to run the expertise and let the professionals reveal the weak spots and thoroughly work out the interface from A to Z, with all the scenarios and details considered. The options needed by our users are mostly local, and some options based on a certain business idea may turn out pretty user-unfriendly. Conversely, the solutions offered by developers may be technically smart, but neither user-friendly nor handy for the company.

Why would you pick U-Expert and Atrem Kouznetsov in particular?

We’ve been working with Artem since 2011 and I like the interfaces they design. It’s hard to find an expert that would grasp the very essence of the product and create a beautiful and thought-through interface.

Can you say a few words about the work procedure? What was it like? The teamwork, the deadlines, the response time?

First we met the U-Expert employees and discussed the challenges. After that, the experts compiled the description and the mock-up of the challenges in the Basecamp project management system. Then we studied and commented the mock-up and passed it to the designers for the further production.

Did you enjoy the process?

We really did, especially on the conveyor stage, when we could use the mock-up as a visual instruction for software manuals. The mock-up visualizes every detail, with comments to every element, describing the response for each action. This makes the work so much easier. The mock-up may also be used as a presentation or for writing a user manual. It’s a multi-functional thing.

Can you say a few words about the IDIC method used for the usability expertise?

There’s nothing I can actually say about the IDIC method, because it’s the company’s inner workings, but I definitely like the result. I think the most important thing is that the U-Expert team are skilled and qualified. There are lots of things to be considered by the designers. They were all considered, which I liked.

What did you like the most when dealing with the U-Expert Company?

We liked the final output the most, not to mention the nice people on the team 🙂 The result is what really matters, and it’s a really great job!

Would you say your investments are covered?

You can always find a specialist to build a simple site with no design. But in our case usability and traffic was essential, and we got it by means of a simple but functional interface. I think the investments are covered, because there’s no need in further investing in advertisement or other product promotion. The product sells itself and becomes popular as is. It’s like Apple among other mobile devices – simple and user-friendly.

One last question. Would you recommend U-Expert and Atrem Kouznetsov in particular?

I absolutely would, but not at the expense of our projects. When Artem gets available in some 2025, he’ll take up your projects 🙂


Aleksei Parfiriev, Head of Sales Department:

What was your situation or problem?

We had a very complicated design and a complex website structure. The portal was very bulky and old, containing about 60 000 articles that took years to collect. It needed to be updated.

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Why did you decide to invest in a usability study with U-Expert?

We faced the problem of numerous denials revealed by the Yandex. Metrica.

Why did you pick U-Expert and Atrem Kouznetsov in particular?

Upon the recommendation.

What was it like working with U-Expert? What was the teamwork like, the deadlines, the response time?

It was a qualified and timely job. Well done!

What did you finally get? Was it any good for your business? What conclusion did you draw out of it?

For me, it’s the investment in the future in the first place. You’ll have your project optimized with the effect for years to come. Our cooperation was definitely well worth it.

U-Expert uses their proprietary ICID method for the usability expertise. What do you think of the results?

This method applies many factors and gives a smart and elaborate result, which we liked.

What did you like the most when working with the U-Expert Company?

Efficient response.

Would you say your investments are covered?

Yes, they do get eventually covered.

Would you recommend U-Expert and Atrem Kouznetsov in particular?

Absolutely. Their service is essential for the companies who are looking for a way to increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right moment for engaging your services?
If you are in the process of designing a new product or redesigning the one you already have, and you want to make it user-friendly with minimal friction points, the sooner you contact us, the better. We generally start working with you after you’ve come up with the idea for your product.

This doesn’t mean, though, that it is ever too late to start thinking about how to improve your customer’s experience later on. You are welcome to contact us at any stage of your project development, even at your website or product release or later. We will always stand for both the interests of your clients and your business interests.

How much do your services cost?
The price strictly depends on your project size and your demands. We will submit our business proposal as soon as we get the information on your project. Our services start from RUR 30,000. Contact us via our site or by phone and we’ll immediately reply to your request.
Do you offer the project conception and design?
Absolutely. This is what we do. Contact us via our site or by phone and we’ll provide you with the information you require.
Do you make turnkey sites?
Every business has its professionals and experts. We don’t specialize in website development or programming. We specialize in expertise, research, project development and design. However, we have a list of business partners we can recommend who’ve been developing and programming websites for many years.
We are located in a different city or country. Can we become your clients?
Absolutely. We’ve got extensive experience in this area. Contact us to find out the next steps to take.
We want to improve our website, but we have no idea where to start. What do you suggest?
If you already have a website, it’s best to begin with a diagnostic assessment to reveal its strengths and weak points to identify areas in need of improvement. We offer 2 kinds of services for this: expert review and usability testing. Contact us and we will recommend the best option for you.

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